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About Overlook Movie Store

Welcome to The Overlook - home of video, "for ever and ever and ever!" 

Established by me, Paul, a veteran of the UK video industry in which I have served since 1991, The Overlook is a place where new and popular meets obscure and weird.

Based in Devon, the United Kingdom, The Overlook started as a hobby in 2002 but became a fully-fledged operation in 2011 and a limited company in 2014.

I have a love for film and collecting and have applied that passion to my business and am incredibly conscientious. Items are dispatched either same or next working day. Speciality items, such as German Hardboxes or Steelbooks are wrapped sufficiently enough to arrive at their destination without harm. I know collectors because I am one and my approach to each transaction is to handle it as I would expect it to be handled by the companies I use when buying myself - rest assured, I am professional, honest and reliable. Give me a try!

For any email queries (including any wanted titles) please contact me:

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